Meet the Author: Kelli Carver

Hi I’m Kelli, the other half of Nashville Parent Guide.  Like Emily, I am also a big believer in those so-called defining moments.  One that completely shaped who I am today was actually 20 years ago, when my dad passed away from cancer.  I was only 15.  Talk about a tough time figuring out who you are during the teenage years.  Fast forward 20 years and while I am no closer to having it all figured out, I do finally have a sense of myself.  I am a mom and a wife, but I am also a sister, a daughter, a friend, a dance teacher, a beach person, a lover of suspense novels & Bravo reality shows, an extrovert that has learned the value of alone time, an eternal optimist and one helluva karaoke singer.

I am still searching for Nashville’s kid-friendliest karaoke bar, but in the meantime I hope to bring you fun ideas and my positive outlook on parenting and life.   I love trying to create moments for my kids by getting out of the house and trying new places and things.  Sometimes it all comes together perfectly…and other times someone has a meltdown at the zoo because the video in the bear section isn’t working.  My husband needs to get out more. 

We hope to create a space we can share with you pieces of Nashville and pieces of ourselves.  There will be lots of wine and I am sure lots of whining, but if there was anything my 15-year-old self learned it is that “Life is short, but sweet for certain.”  Thanks Dave Matthews.  And for my fellow Nashville Natives that saw him during many summers at Starwood Amphitheatre, that would have been my pick for a kid-friendly outdoor concert space for sure.  

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